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Stirring My Soul To Sing: Overcoming ADHD Through Song

Behind the lyrics, melodies, and ovations is a story of struggle and ultimate triumph over the obstacles associated with ADHD. Learn how music and faith have helped W. Ian Walker overcome these challenges to live a fulfilling and successful life.
  • How Ian survived verbal abuse and bullying, poor academic performance, employment instability, financial hardships and failed relationships
  • How having a true faith in God played a key role in overcoming Ian’s disability issues
  • How vocal, choral music and arts education, from Ian’s perspective, are keys to treating the ADHD disorder
  • Why an artistic life offers the hope of a “medication-free lifestyle” to those living with ADHD
  • How this author has personally “survived” ADHD for over 20 years
  • Why less than 1 in 3 children receive the proper treatment for ADHD
  • Find out how a meeting with Renowned Conductor Leonard Bernstein, profoundly influenced Ian’s life and career.


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Publication Date: August 31, 2018

Normal Retail Price is $24.99 and E-book is $12.99

stirring my soul to sing full cover