Stirring My Soul to Sing , Overcoming ADHD Through Song.
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Bravo Ian! As well as presenting a strong argument for arts education in schools, your story of dedication and determination is a testament to the power of faith friendship, and music.

John Fanning C.M. Canadian and International Baritone

This is a book that balances a breezy, conversational style and tone with subject matter that is deeply important. W. Ian Walker’s engaging narrative carries us through the highs and lows of what is an extraordinary personal journey to triumph over personal adversity with ADHD. One would expect the extremely challenging setbacks and years of hardship that Ian recounts would have turned him bitter. Remarkably, they did not. Fortified by faith, Ian’s voice is buoyant, cheerful, and encouraging.

Richard M. Landau M.A., Media Communications Executive

It is an honor to write this endorsement for story that will stir the hearts of even the most discouraged With God, there is always a victory. In the midst of constant up and downs in Ian’s life, he has learned a deep secret -sing your way into joyful purpose! Though Ian struggles with short term memory due to his ADHD, a failed marriage, financial pressures, and more, God has stirred his soul. Ian is captured by the one who will not let him go. There is a prophetic flow throughout the pages of this book, and I trust you will feel that flow and respond to the same call to live.

Jeremy Sinnott Worship Leader & Pastor, Catch the Fire Ministries

I’ve known W. Ian Walker for almost 20 years. Ian was created by God to express joy. As with all who have special assignments in life, the journey in getting there is not always easy. Ian has persevered and continues to be a man who sees the best in life. I believe you will see receive hope for your journey by reading Ian’s story.

Steve Long, Senior Leader Catch the Fire Ministries, Toronto

An inspiring story in which vocal music plays a key role! I’m very proud of Ian for all of his accomplishments and continued dedication to the arts in Canada.

Adrianne Pieczonka O.C. Canadian and International Soprano

Ian Walker’s passion for the arts speaks forcibly in this journal of personal courage and discovery.

Robert Cooper C.M. Toronto Conductor and Choral Educator

This book is the story of overcoming challenges and developing talent into a very fruitful life through the wonderful grace of a personal connection with Jesus Christ.

Nancy Honeytree-Miller First Lady of Jesus Movement Music

W. Ian Walker has written an honest and stirring account of triumph over adversity. Ian’s dedication to the arts and to his faith shine through this inspirational autobiography. Highly recommended!

Dr. Kathleen Garay (Retired) McMaster University

Gratitude and perseverance describe Ian’s journey from a childhood of being different to the adult discovery of a learning disability that impacted relationships and career opportunities. The diagnosis of ADHD end encounters with the Holy Spirit provided a new lens through which to view past hurts and to anticipate the future with hope and a song in his heart.

Dr. Carol A Wood (Retired) Ecumenical Chaplain, McMaster University

In walking through this story of Ian’s life, you will be astounded at his deep and lasting honouring of family, friendship and mentoring relationships – those who walked beside him with insight, love and patience through challenging times and helped develop the delightful person he is today. His outgoing, creative, humorous nature comes through as the artist/musician and singer within him is released and continues to bring healing to the ADHD disability he has lived with since childhood. Finding peace and tranquility with God, the healing, restorative dynamics of music, both from within and without, have definitely stirred his soul to sing. Now it’s his aspiration to impart what he has learned, not through education and degrees but by experience, to others – individuals both old and young who are trapped in ADHD. This book is just one of the resources he is using and I am pleased to endorse it.

Mary Audrey Raycroft Founder: Releasers of Life Equipping Resources Teaching Pastor: Catch the Fire Toronto.