Video Presentations and Workshop Experience

I attended W. Ian Walkers musical session at the 2020 International Virtual Conference on ADHD held November 06, 2020. I loved everything about his Presentation! Ian told about how his love of music evolved growing up in a musical family!  I could relate to this for I also grew up in a loving and musical family!

Ian had everyone smiling and laughing as he told some of the stories about his childhood years!  As he mentioned being diagnosed with ADHD (or Hyperactivity) as a school-aged child, I think we could all relate to Ian’s experiences!  When he taught us how to breathe and sing a song with him, it was a lot of fun singing together!  His Presentation was one that involved the attendees!

Annette Tabor / Member of the ADDA Board of Directors Chairperson of ADDA’s Education Committee

It was such a treat to hear Ian speak at the ADDA/CHADD International Conference for ADHD about the impact of music. I always knew music was important, ever since I was a little girl singing along with my dad’s transistor radio. Now I realize it has helped me in so many ways. Ian is such a great storyteller, and the stories he shared at the conference were no exception. He painted such a vivid picture of himself and his grandmother enjoying music together when he was a young boy, I could hear his passion and gratitude for what she gave to him, and the life-changing impact music has had on his life. Ian is such an inspiration, and his love of music motivates me always to keep a song in my heart!

Diane McLean, MEd, PCAC, PCC Neurodiversity Champion, Certified Coach & Educator

Ian, I enjoyed my time at your “Worship and Video Experience” in September 2018 and the book signing event.    I was so blessed to sing together the Scripture-filled Hymns that I remember from the past!  Wonderful to reconnect with folks I have not seen for quite a while. I have started to read your book and am enjoying it-you have an excellent recall of your life journey. I have found it enjoyable and helpful as there are ADD/ADHD challenges in our family.   You are an overcomer Ian, and I am blessed to see God amazingly using you. Many blessings, Judi.

Judi Moffat Intercessor, and long-time friend

Ian, your “worship experience” was a wonderful blessing to me and was a truly “alive” event

Anne Jones Intercessor, and long-time friend

I was extremely impressed with your Worship and Video program this afternoon – honouring to our blessed Lord, and everything was very well done! I enjoyed your usage of traditional to more contemporary worship songs. Your readings from your book were delightful! May God bless further your book signings, and may many people be helped by your book.

Ruth Garbutt Church Leader (Retired) and family member

Informative. Inspiring. Inviting. It was also enjoyable at the Worship and Video Program. Loved the music and the songs!

Monica and Robert Di Francesco Worship Leader and Relationships Coaches

Your presentation was very personal, heartfelt, and full of hope. Personally, I am behind anyone who is working in that area of overlap between arts and ADHD/mental health. We humans NEED it!

Mike Fidel, ADDA Coach, Musician & Artist ADDA/CHADD International online Conference, November 2020

On October 26, 2020, I tuned in to a video presentation in which W. Ian Walker, author spoke to Grimsby Library’s Deputy Chief Librarian Ryan Waldron about his book, Stirring My Soul To SingOvercoming ADHD Through Song.  Ian expressed well his reasons for writing the book, and spoke about how his Christian faith and music have helped him to conquer ADHD.

I have read Ian’s book and found it to be inspiring. I highly recommend that book to anyone interested in an enjoyable, inspiring testimonial story from which we can learn good life lessons. In the presentation, Ian also shared about his interesting personal book collection.

Allan Doerksen Writer