Published Articles

“The Handshake that Changed My Life”

News for Friends of Leonard Bernstein —Fall/Winter 2002
This was my first international article for the Leonard Bernstein Foundation, as I recall my experience of being a student at Tanglewood in 1981 and my meeting and chatting with “Lenny” about “Chichester Psalms.” What a life changing moment!

“Royal Couple Brings Excitement to National Canada Day Celebrations”

The Morton Report (International Website) — July 5, 2011
Having the opportunity to connect and work with royal reporter/author, Andrew Morton, was a “dream come true” – having been a royal watcher for many years! Covering this historical royal visit was incredible. Being on “the Hill” and being one of just 100,000 people was another memorable moment in my varied career!

“International, Canadian Artists and Friends Assemble for Forrester Tribute”

Zoomer Blogs — August 22, 2011
Dear Maureen was a mentor of mine and I couldn’t miss being at this memorable concert/event. It was another memorable arts event that has shaped my perception of the “great artists'” that we raise in this country. Maureen was indeed one of the best!

“Raising the Next Generation of Sondheim Singers”

Poems and Prayers of a Singer (Personal Blog) — August 30, 2011
2011 was a great “arts year” for me. Working with NST, I was able to interview the “next generation of the Sondheim singer”, and it was great to get these teens to twenty-something’s’ impressions on preparing for major vocal roles of a Sondheim classic musical. Enjoy!