DWVS (Development Worship Video Series)

DWW (Development Worship Webinar)

A 10 –session video webinar designed to help you plan, develop and execute impactful meaningful worship services or events for worship leaders who:

  • Have some vocal or musical training
  • Can read music and notation
  • Are currently active in a music or worship program at your local church and/or school
  • Have a passion for creative, innovative worship and can think outside the traditional “worship format box”
  • Students who are within the Greater Toronto Area, can have a private lesson or workshop and this will be an additional cost (if desired)

Webinar Cost: $800 plus HST (four additional texts will need to be purchased separately)

Required Texts

  • Exploring Worship, A Practical Guide to Praise and Worship, Bob Sorge, Oasis Publishing, 1987
  • No Compromise, The Life Story of Keith Green, Melody Green and David Hazard, Sparrow Press Book, 1989
  • How to Worship A King, Prepare Your Heart, Prepare Your World, Prepare Your Way, Zach Neese, Gateway Publishing, 2012
  • Worship Old & New, Robert E. Webber, Zondervan, 1994



Nothing like being a youth to express your creativity! How about you? Do you have the skills and talents to be worship leader?